Factors for effective English Learning_from 孤鳥 Factors for effective English Learning Article from 孤鳥 <---- link to her Blog Whether it is from the learner’s point of view or from the teacher’s point of view, I truly believe that learning English has to be practical/useful and fun. Without these two factors, the results of the learning could be ineffective and futile. First of al 西裝外套l, one of the main purposes of learning a language is for communication, as a tool connecting us with others in the world. Therefore, when we first learn a new language, we really want to learn something that we can use in daily life, in school, at work, or for other social gatherings. When I first came to the U.S.A. the only sentence structure that I could remember the 售屋網 most was “This is a ….” structure, for instance, “This is a book.” This is a key”. “That is a dog.”…etc. But guess what? I think everyone is smart enough to know what a book, a key and a dog is; there is really no need for us to emphasize that in a conversation. And this is just one example that is not practical and useful enough for us to associate and communicate with those 關鍵字排名who speak English. So, what things are practical? If you ask me, I would say something that you hear and use often, for example, idioms/slang and short conversational sentences are some good starting points. It is a myth that we have to speak a complete sentence (subject + verb) or long sentences in order to communicate; it doesn’t have to be. For example, in stead of saying “You have done a great jo G2000b!” You can just say “Way to go!”  And it won’t even diminish the compliment that you are trying to give. Learning a new language can be a tedious task if you just read it or learn it straight out of the textbook. I am not saying that the content of the textbook is not good or anything, but we are only human being, without adding a little variation or excitement into the learning, we tend to get bored easily. 關鍵字行銷 I was a student once and whenever I had a teacher who just read out the textbook, my motivation to learn that subject dwindled. Since language is a part of life; therefore, if we can learn the new language through things that relates to us, it will increase the effectiveness and successfulness in learning it. Some good examples that a teacher can do is to incorporate various tools (games, bingo, role play, tongue twister, joke, songs 濾桶….etc) into their curriculum planning; however, teachers should also keep in mind that all students are different and it won’t be “one style fits all”. One factor that I did not mention in the beginning of the article is the “heart” of the learner; I just could not emphasize enough how important that is for an effective language learning. No matter how practical and how fun the learning materials are and how hard the teacher tries to teach, if the l 關鍵字排名earner does not have the heart for it or does not want to spend efforts, then the learning might still be unavailing. Learning and teaching are closely interrelated with one another. We all can learn to teach but at the same time, we teach to learn as well. Since this is beside the point from the topic of this article, so I will stop right here. In the future I will try to share some solid examples that I think would help those who really want to learn English well. 房屋二胎 開口說英語不難_難在"沒有自己的想法 "!第一步:學會問! 說明1 第二步:學會答! 說明2 第三步:學會說故事! 說明3 第四步:學會答辯!      說明4 第五步:學會演講! 簡單做即席演講 第六步:學會即席演講! 如何做即席演講 第七步:學會聊下去! 說明7 第八步:掌握說的變化!  說明8 第九步 : 控制自己的情緒與想法! 說明9 請參考我的部落格如下: 英語學習重點: 請 房地產選擇:五大句子的建立 請選擇:文法是一種位置學1 請選擇:文法是一種位置學2 請選擇:文法是一種位置學3 請選擇:文法是一種位置學4 請選擇:文法是一種位置學5 請選擇:妳會用英語問"問題"嗎? 請選擇:擴大句子 請選擇:縮簡句子 請選擇:英語圖解法 請選擇:簡單做即席演講 請選擇:如何做即席演講 也可以看看我的留言版 ! 大多是讚美與感謝!也會有心得分享!如果是第一次進來:建議看我的自我介紹中”文章分類”解說!   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .
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